Thursday, August 12, 2004

Companies refering to VBM

Here I'm starting my modest collection of companies that refer to VBM having contributed to their results. If you see a statement with a publication date after August 12th 2004, please add it in a Comment!
Let's use the following Template as the first line of the Comment:
Name of the Company - Industry - Country - Publication type - Internet URL


Blogger MLOGS said...

Avnet Inc - Electronics - USA - Fiscal 2004 Results -

"Over the last three years Avnet has been focused on value-based management through our 'Driving Value' initiative. This focus continues to meaningfully impact our business operations as evidenced by the continued improvement in our expense and asset productivity metrics. Specifically, our net operating profit after tax return on working capital is the highest that it has been in over three years with the fourth quarter result representing the eighth consecutive quarter of year-over-year improvement."

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Blogger MLOGS said...

Barloworld - Diversified industrial - South Africa - News Article -

"This alliance is another consequence of our use of Value Based Management to guide our thinking," said Phillips. "While long term rentals, often linked with maintenance contracts, are an integral part of our business models, pure asset finance is not our core business and is best dealt with by our global network of partnering financial institutions such as CAT Financial, Hyster Capital, DaimlerChrysler Services Truck Finance, and Wesbank."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

PPC - Cement - SA - Fin. Report-
The continued Value Based Management (VBM) focus also contributed to a further improvement in operating profit well ahead of revenue growth.

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Blogger MLOGS said...

Barloworld - International industrial - South Africa - Year end -

And that commitment has certainly paid off. In 1999 Barloworld implemented a system of management called the value-based management. Basically, value-based management (VBM) is an approach geared towards creating value in an organisation – usually focusing on shareholder value.

There are a series of tools used in VBM, all of them aimed at creating maximum value. A good source of information on the technique can be found at

VBM has certainly delivered for Barlow shareholders. Revenue for the year ended September 30, 2004 at the group level was up 6%, to close t R37-bn, and net profit was R1,8-bn, up 32%.

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